Reverse Colour Lotus.


Hello and thank you for taking a moment to stop by.

Today I was in the mood to create a card with a colourful background and stamp an image with just the outline and no colour.  I’ve seen plenty of examples on instagram and just loved it! The contrast was so aesthetically pleasing.

So I searched my stash and found that my favorite Lotus stamp from would work a treat.


First off I worked out my layout, stamped on Tim Holtz watercolour paper and masked the image.


I decided I wanted to leave a little white border around the image so I cut the masks up according and started ink blending with Distress Inks.

Removing the masks, I then dropped large blobs of water and spritz the paper, removing the excess.

Allowing it to completely dry, I then took Ranger acrylic paint in black, held my breath and started splattering.

In hindsight I would have stop 2 spats sooner, but it wasn’t enough of a bother to have started again.


And that’s when sequins become not only a glorious shiny finishing touch but also cover up a really big and annoying to me splatter spot 😉

In the end it did need something more, so I cut the panel down, stuck a piece of shiny washi tape to a black piece of card stock and adhered it behind the main panel.

Finally happy, I adhered the whole panel to a card base and card complete!

Happy Crafting to you and thanks for stopping by.



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